Sunday, April 20, 2008

Isaribi Tei

Isaribi Tei @ Chow Thye Rd (off Burmah Rd)

The pic below is not the entrance to Isaribi but to 火鍋之家 @ Jalan Macalister lah. Too bad neh, it was full house! Therefore we diverted to Jemputree @ Chow Thye. Mana tau all the sum sui seats were either booked or taken, therefore we went to the next door Jap restaurant, Isaribi.

This is Isaribi (below). I have been here a few times. Everytime after visit, surely I will pause for some time. 為何呢? 請讀下去. :)

The best seat was here. Directly under the air cond unit overseeing the kitchen, very cooling!!!!

Next to this deco.

and this.

For cozy & cooling ambience leh- undeniably ichiban!

Clockwise : Salad (RM12), garlic rice (RM4), Tempura seafood soba (RM25)

Clockwise : Grill salmon (RM16), Seafood spaghetti (RM18) (this time this is not my order har :)), homemade ice cream (RM5). Green tea and fruit after meal were FOC.

On top of the price above, pls add 15% tax.

現在知道為什麼 了 吧?! :) 價錢稍貴. Vege tempura noodle set是RM18. 我們的Tempura seafood soba不同點在 於多兩只蝦甜不辣,這樣就加RM7.

再說, 它的老闆是日本人, 有點過份嚴厲. 他會跑出來'警告'你如果他誤以為你是別家的顧客要泊車在他的地方. 這次 我們的 '大哥大' 的坐姿竟然還被他tegur了!當然,他是好意為了維持顧客們的用餐情調及環境著想.