Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yeng Keng Hotel - Zoom In! (Part I)

I was as astonished as others when first seeing how great the restoration 'look' of Yeng Keng Hotel at Chulia Street is.  This visit makes me think of  The Sire Museum which deeply impressed me last time. Therefore I guess it worths spending two posts for the hotel interior photos and illustrations since I have the privilege exploring it through an invited food review lately.

You can get all the 'About' or history of this 20-room restored heritage boutique hotel from the Yeng Keng Hotel's website.

What I enjoyed 'zooming in' here is -- no matter how lousy a camera you are holding is, the image turns out to be nice! Yeah, you ought to thank the great conservation & upgrading work undertaken by the owner and also the fabulous contrast colour tone of the hotel design too!

This is the entrance with chinese traditional essence, which is now illuminated with yellow light lanterns, eye-catching enough uh!


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