Thursday, November 17, 2005

Express Set Lunch

I seldom go out with colleagues for daily lunch coz I went back to Batu Maung for shower and lunch.

These two days were exceptual.

Yesterday was our Quarter Review day therefore I stayed. As usual all of us (the whole company employees) were treated lunch at canteen. This time there were malay chicken rice, satay, ice cream, apple and drink each.

Since last week I have been trying to get responses from colleagues to check the Aver Cafe's set lunch out. It costs RM9.90++ only each. I got the confirmed menu on Tuesday. Since yesterday was having kinda 'heavy' meal, therefore I did not expect to visit this Aver Cafe that fast. But then due to some 'members' personal constraints, yesterday we decided last minute - 'OK, GO lah tomorrow'.
I managed to get support from 11 of them (who were willing to be 'guinea-pigs' :) ). I booked one day before with the details of every single order for each individual in order to save time on the next day.

So there we went today! It ended up......FOOD was GOOD and also very WORTHY but then the serving speed was too slow (despite of the pre-ordering we did one day before).

Anyway, other than the speed, I was relieved that the feedbacks from them on the food were good.

Aver Environment
Express Set Lunch (Thursday) at RM9.90++ per person.

Aver Dishes
Mushroom soup
Char grilled chicken thigh with pepper cream sauce (Right pic)
Pan fried red snapper with orange butter (Left pic)
coffee / tea

Thanks for you guys'/ gals' supports!