Saturday, February 18, 2006

Farewell (Jap)

This time due to the farewell 主人翁 is from my breakfast gang therefore we would like to have more private time spent together with her during the farewell makan session instead of the usual very-rushing-farewell-lunch in big group. I chose to have it at Matsuki Japanese Restaurant yesterday night. Dinner session. 10 persons. A small group.

Tan's T-shirt ....huh?!
Chicken Shoguchi Set
Some hilarious parts (花絮)......

Tan's tea pot's cover accidentally fell off when pouring.
V yelled "C*bai!"....... All laughed.
Tan replied 'innocently' " This is Te Ko lah."
All LOL even harder!

Tan took photos for M and Y.
Tan said,"Smile lah, M".
M replied,"Smile already". (Apparently Tan did not take M's smile as 'smile')
Everyone beh tahan, LOL!

L is ang mor sai. Newly hired. He was taking photos too.
V told L, "'Wash' for me ah later whichever got me inside one!"
Somebody said," Digital one."
(We knew well V normally would save as softcopies)
She turned to L and said (hokkien)," Lu burn disk hor wa!"
Somebody said (hokkien)," ee beh hiao tia".
She then turned to us and asked us (hokkien) ,"Ei,...An chua kong har hua yu (hua yu=mandarin)?!"
She then suddenly like 'realized' and turned to him," Ni burn disk gei wo!" (mandarin)
All laughed because for us leh these two did not serve any differences. :)