Saturday, February 11, 2006

独家 Lam Mee

We colleagues had a makan+g session at Heng's house yesterday night. This is the 2nd year already.


Lek Tao Cai Ean, Yi Mai Fu Zhuk, sparkling juice, tit-bits

Special Lam Mee

Attendees : Heng, Oon, Cheah, JB & son, BC, PL, BS, Phuah and me. Got 2x last minute 'caught their flights', too bad lah. They missed the chance for Heng's 独家淋面 with 南乳泸鸡 & super mini 鲍鱼片.

小报告 : Halfway during the g session, I could not pay attention anymore after receiving the shocking news by SMS - somebody gonna leave us AGAIN for better offer. You (who reads this blog) ah! I couldn't sleep last night partly because of your news lah :) OMG! I was not prepared at all for you to become the last person who fills up the full Top 10 list lah, gal!