Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ang Sai Hu Tao

清发海鲜 (Ching Huat Seafood)

clockwise : 酿椰酒, 石甲鱼, 红狮鱼头 (招牌菜). (coconut 'tuak', Jia Kup, Ang Sai Hu tao (their famous dish!))
ang sai hu tao 01
clockwise: kerabu, 虾饼, 山猪肉,童子鸡 (kerabu, prawn biscuit, wild boar meat, spring chicken)
ang sai hu tao 02
clockwise : 酿椰酒, 炸头腐,炒面线, 炒面. (coconut 'tuak', fried toufu, fried mee sua, fried mee) - just to fill the stomach up only as they don't serve rice one. Recommend : not to order mee and mee sua as without them also we (7 adults + 1 child) gonna be VERY FULL already. ang sai hu tao 03
大大只的红狮鱼头 ! (BIG BIG size of ang sai hu tao!)
ang sai hu tao 04 Coconut 'tuak' - a must-order too!
ang sai hu tao 05

Where? Mak Mandin there.....

Ichyo Ramen, Ideal Avenue (clockwise :Wakayama ramen, Tonkotsu ramen)
ichyo ramen