Sunday, August 20, 2006


hui tao kun
伙头军海鲜@ Ee Pin, Batu Maung
piak,猪脚, 菜胆.
lala & hun cheong (economy rice stall).

We visited these two stalls quite often since it's near to our f**m. I recommended it coz the 煮炒档 & 经济饭档 are at the same kopitiam, therefore you can order from both stalls to have a very reasonable-priced meal. The econ rice is very cheap one (all people at this region knows one). I personally think that it is the cheapest among all the econ rice stalls at Batu Maung (too bad that it only serves at evening for dinner). I particularly favour its 炒猪肚 (not available on daily basis oh).

Sorry ah, for me if it's too expensive and not worth the price I will straightaway said NO to such stalls or restaurants. For instance, I do not recommend this one - Yi Pin Restaurant, Tmn Sri Nibong. I was invited to join my colleagues for this meal.6 persons eating. RM12 each = meaning this meal costs us ~RM80(before 10% discount). No one added rice. Dishes serving is small.

Yi Pin 01
Yi Pin 02

From Ee Pin driving past the old man's F* E* restaurant, I paused to see if there was any customers in there. The deco was really nice but no customers. Hmm......cha bor, we find one day to go and support lah OK?!