Friday, July 13, 2007

Cosmic Set Lunch

We 7x went to Cosmic for set lunch yesterday.
Thai sauce chicken rice set , gong bou prawn rice set (RM5.90++), mamak mee goreng set (RM8.90++).

Cordon bleu set (ala carte RM9.50). Look nice but they rated it as 49/100. :)

While on the way back to fac, then only Mdy questioned," Ei, you ppl bukan ada fruit one meh?! How come no serve uh?" It ended up then only I discovered it's MY set that supposed to come with fruit lah. Oh yeah...damn...How come the waitresses never tell me uh when I paid?! They just remember to take money from me nia. AND.....the change of 4x.38 cents they also did not give the 8 cents, only returned 30 cents. Wah.....this was exactly like what we once read from the fwd mail regarding dunno-which hypermarket that MAKAN your 1 cent 2cents directly whenever they return the change to you.