Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HK 又一城

HK 又一城

This is another 'no comment' post. Un ?

The only thing worth sharing is this. Its interior deco was mostly occupied with such names of HK places.

We 2x ordered set lunch RM8.90++, 1x ordered ala carte. The set menu - ai......today no serve pai kuat one, so this one takde, that one takde. It ended up we ordered the set below.

Clockwise : The dessert (red bean) which comes with the set- the only good one for this meal. 蜜汁猪扒饭 (ala), 四川style 出前一丁(set) - Miss A kept on saying I don't want maggie mee one mah haha, 雪菜猪肉云吞汤面(set) - xue cai only 1 pc, the pork wantan got very 'piggy' kinda smell (this is called 'fresh made'?! 不识味尝lah sorry) , hot milk tea, soup 罗宋汤,蘑菇汤 (set).

The mushroom soup - it looked like the 'yam paste' with water added, see? Miss A had to stir the mushroom soup like kacau kacang paste before eating. She tasted one tiny spoon and shaked her head,"Oh no...!" We 2x tasted, surrendered too. It tasted totally not like our usual-mushroom-soup.

Iao lur and I kept on comparing today meal with the restaurant a few doors away one. "Aiyoh.....that day ate one lagi X times better than this hor?!" (ya, the post below)