Sunday, September 07, 2008

Momoyama Fruit Paste Sugar Free Moon Cake by ASTARTE

義美 (台灣無糖水果月餅) @ Queensbay (Ground Floor)


Also here for one close shot. :)

Clockwise :

聖女蕃茄 (Tomato)
蔓越莓 (Cranberry)
抹茶紅豆 (Greentea Adzuki Bean)
台灣芒果 (Mango (Taiwan) )
台灣百香果 (Passion Fruit (Taiwan Puli) )

Net weight is 48g each. The size is very small oh.

我們終於逮到機會'屈'K 請月餅了 :p 以上統共12 pieces= RM59.80.

Most of us didn't know there was such brand until there's one day SHE kept on humming beside me" Ei, that brand of mooncake ah, very small piece nia leh, but got hello kitty box one oh, very swui one oh! Nah, I show you their brochure here....considered low sugar somemore oh... "

OK lah, OK lah, so we went to buy loh. At the end the so called hello kitty box that she wanted so much also out of stock already. BUT luckily.....she was allowed to claim later by using the receipt.

Update(!) : Here's the box. Not hello kitty box leh. Its design of ribbon is very good! No matter how dumb you are, you can tie a very pretty knot for sure!