Monday, September 01, 2008

Annabelle's Place

Annabelle's Place @ Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah

I believe ladies will appreciate this place more than you gentlemen out there. :)

I have finally come to this Annabelle's Place after getting the direction from Lingzie's post.

"Wah...I like the deco!" uttered from the bottom of my heart once I stepped into the restaurant.

"This corner got 'little-cottage' feel uh?!"

"This angle looks like 'winter-warmer' uh?!"

It may look alike but trust me, its food is at a more affordable price compared to them.

They have pretty lotsa collections from Great Britain or Europe, I suppose?! This is one of them.

One of the seats near the sunlight

Ocean Treasures (RM16.90) - baked crab in creamy mushroom sauce, served with fresh garden salad & hash browns. [I believe this portion is acceptable even for a person who doesn't like too cheesy food]

Tuna Nicoise (RM12.90) -Tuna, capsicum, onion, olives & house-made anchovy mayonnaise in your choice of fresh baked bread, with a side of fresh garden salad. [The bread is pretty special, unlike the normal 'burger' roti. Everyone kept questioning what kind of house-made sauce it was that matched so nicely with the fresh garden salad, which was also very nice. At that moment, we were nearly prompted to order an additional salah dish(!), ha!]

Carbonara Pasta (RM14.90) - Fettuccine tossed with creamy turkey bacon & mushroom sauce. [This one tasted creamy but I believe it's acceptable to a person who doesn't like too creamy food. If the portion is a bit larger, I think it's a different story then.]

Seafood spicy Olio Pasta (RM19.90) - Spaghetti tossed with herbs, garlic and chillies, served with squid, prawns and mussels. [I didn't expect the price is not ~RM12 but I still ordered as it's my beloved seafood olio spaghetti ! :) Same like the carbonara pasta, if you are a person who likes salty/strong taste food then this may taste a bit plain for you. I liked it anyway. If the portion is bigger then I will be even happier! Ha!]

Crème Brûlée (RM9.90) - A classic French dessert which is simple yet beautiful. [She ordered this, a sweet tooth. Crème Brûlée means 'burnt cream' (see youtube on how to make). We were honoured to have the young pretty lady boss (who is less than 30 yrs old and studied in UK before for four years) carmelizing the sugar in front of us when serving this dessert :)]

Tiramisu (RM9.90) - A moist house-made cake made with mascarpone cheese & espresso infused savioardi fingers. [I told you, see? She has a big sweet tooth, a Tiramisu Queen too. This Tiramisu is another signature desserts here. Both these desserts are only available during weekends.]

Initially we were afraid that we would get this answer,"Sorry, we only serve this during so-and-so hours." Phew~! Luckily there wasn't such rules. We got the chance to order its high tea set even for lunch hour. Yeah!

Classic English Cream Tea (for Two to share) (RM10.90) - A pot of tea of your choice per person, served with four freshly baked English scones, clotted cream & strawberry preserve. [The scones were not hard ("hmm.....soft woh...not bad leh.") and they were really tasty when blended with the clotted cream & strawberry jam.]

One of the tea pots was Earl Grey.

Nice tea set uh?! :)

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Address : 10, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang.
Tel: 04-8901098.

They have revised their opening hours.

Opening Hours: Tues- Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 4.30pm-10.00pm.
Sunday - 9.30a.m-10.00pm.
(Closed on Mondays).

It's not difficult at all to find the place even for a person like me who has not been there for a rather long time. In short, turn into the first junction on your left after driving out from the Vale of Tempe (the so called 'Zhui Tee Lor'). This is a housing area Casa Permai 2. Go straight then you'll find the shop lots on your right.

After the Annabelle's Place, we hopped to the Summer Garden Food & Bistro, which is located further down the main road. We took a glance on the menu and the ambience. They were impressed with its bistro corner.

"OK, we shall be back and dine here next round!" *wink*