Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chikuma~ Chikuma* Chikuma!

I was impressed by Chikuma when it was first opened back in 2007 . During its opening promotional month, every item in the menu was so cheap that it created a stir of 'hoohah' in our circle of friends.

Now it has moved from Gembira Parade, Island Glades to Sunway Tunas. You wouldn't know how glad I was when I first spotted it (which in actual has been operating for 1 mth long, OMG!). It brought me surprise during my first visit there!

The interior decoration is just plain simple.

Set Meal Menu. Price ranges from RM13.80+ to RM22.00+. (Scroll to the bottom for details)

Sashimi and Sushi.


Ala Carte Menu is also available but not captured here.

Maguro Sashimi (RM22.00+) . 6 slices of fresh tuna. We were taken by surprise to see the thickness. Its one slice is almost equivalent to 2 slices of other restaurants.

My surprise came from this Tempura Set (RM17.80+)

Impressive with thin crunchy tempura coating ! I couldn't have enough of them.

Other than 3 pcs of prawns and 1pc of red carrot, I was impressed by its Onion! Vegetable leaf! and the last unexpected one is FISH! Mind you, the fish....I would say that it is L size. (more.....)

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