Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Japin's Fried Garlic Rice is GOOD!

Japin @ Queensbay

Shichimi Teriyaki Don (Spicy Teriyaki Chicken with Rice) RM12.80 + RM1.80 (for adding soup + tea)

I know several guys who will choose no other dishes but THIS whenever they visit Japin! (Circled in red is 'Beh Khi" item - miso soup)

Cyasyu Cyahan (Fried Garlic Rice) RM6.80+RM1.80 (for adding soup + tea).

I started to appreciate more on this dish after having the garlic rice cooking experience at the Sakae Izakaya .

The fried garlic rice here is fragant, big in serving and I especially like it for being non-oily, at least during the moment I eat! :) (more.....)

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