Monday, October 18, 2010

Hai Onn Restaurant(海安饭店) II

This round I managed to order all the dishes that I think which are value-for-money yet delicious, unlike previous visit.

The day I went fell on the last few days of Nine Emperor Gods festival (九皇爷), therefore the customers coming for lunch were not many. time got to consider this sort of period to visit Hai Onn! :)
The serving size of dishes served here although small,  ngam ngor hao mei!

Sambal fried kangkung - This round we were served 5 pcs of prawns with 'countable' stalks of eng chai. Ha!  妹仔大過主人婆hor?! :)

Chicken Chop. I believe this one is A LOT BETTER than the pork chop loh.

Hainanese Fish Curry. Need not elaborate further, a must order! :)


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