Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homecook Fried Yellow Noodles (white version)

I didn't get to capture the most successful attempt because that's the moment that I couldn't wait any longer, ate all up in no time! :)

Ingredients :  yellow noodles, vege (cheng choy or siew pak choy), sam chan bak, prawns, fishballs and squids.

My cooking sequence : sam chan bak, squids, prawns, fish balls, vege, yellow noodles.  Simmer the yellow noodles under low heat so that they turn slight plump. [Yellow noodles need not be rinsed under water for too long, just a pass or two will do, that will maintain the saltiness, later no need to put much salt/soya sauce]

Oh no...I couldn't see the gravy in these few shots leh.
Greedy hor? Put so many ingredients!

Ya, here it is! I like my fried mee to be moist!(more......)

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