Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beef Noodles of Kochabi lacking the umph!

OIC....now it has opened up a new branch at Penang Times Square. There is an error on this sheet. 7 days a week was wrongly written as ‘全日无休 ’ ?! If ‘全日无休 ’ why got opening hours stated as 12 to 10pm?  It should be ‘全年无休 ’ la! :)
Beef Noodles  牛肉面 (RM9.50)

After tasting this bowl of beef noodles @ Kochabi, OH NO!!!! I really miss the beef noodles of Taipei Food Avenue @ Prima Tanjung! I think Taipei Food Avenue still serves the best among all these Taiwanese restaurants, including the 台湾风味情 @ Midlands / Gurney Plaza.

The serving here is without the salted vege (酸菜).  The salted vege is a real PLUS enhancing the taste of the beef noodles soup as served by Taipei Food Avenue.

The beef slices here are smaller but tender enough, still.....not as good as Taipei Food Avenue.


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