Thursday, March 17, 2011

Homecook fried potato leaves (炒番薯叶)

Fried potato leaves aka Char Huan Tzu Heok- one of my favourite dishes.
This is considered as one of those vegetables which is the safest to eat.

If lucky enough, I can get those ready-cut ones, which remain only the leafy parts.

But most of the time, I get those palmately lobed leaves (which got 5 distinct lobes) type.  *aiyo, che kang loh* :)

If not, lazy bone like me, choose this kind of heart-shaped species one, so that I need not peel away the fibrous shoots (which must be done for the palmately lobed type above), save me a lot of time and get rid of dirty nails.

The photos below showing those heart-shaped type. I use scissors to cut,  leaving behind only the young leaves and a bit of shoot.

Fried in basic style. Belacan + garlic. (more......)

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