Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The so called 星级靓妈产后修身秘方 (炒米茶)?

How does it taste like huh? 星级靓妈产后修身秘方 (炒米茶)?

I read the article from from Guangming, titled "星级靓妈产后修身秘方" ! This is the recipe so-called used by Kelly Chan. It is believed that this drink promotes metabolism, helps in digestive system and  releases water retention (due to red rice is high-fibre, it helps in bowel movement). Dried tangerine peel  (chan pei) improves stomach health and diuresis. Red dates is good for blood enrichment whereas longan helps moisturizing eyes.

This is also being regarded as 去水健体神茶 ! 炒米茶! 产后代茶!
I tried it out just for the sake of testing the recipe, to see how it tastes like, how easy/difficult it is to prepare and whether it works for me. :)

Firstly, I need to wash the white rice and red rice then air-dry them.
Then stir fry them, dry in wok,  for about 5 minutes respectively. I am lazy, thus I prepare much more so that I can save them up for subsequent usages.

That's how they look like.


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