Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Opposite Padang Brown's Bak Kut Teh

This is the so called famous bak kut teh which is located at Jalan Perak, opposite the Padang Brown (same row with SONY, Klinik Singapore and 'Pakar Urut Only One').

I was not really impressed with the soup base but I can tell you that I was truly impressed by their fast and efficient ways of serving the food and entertaining your needs.

Credits are given on : 1) fast in ushering you for seats and taking your order. 2) as soon as your bak kut teh claypot is served and within 5 min, they already top up the soup for me (!). 3) their work segregation is very good, systematic, no kelam-kabut. Each one is dedicated to his own job responsibility.

The yam rice is very moist. I like it.

A claypot for two persons is RM16. FYi, charging per head is RM8.

I was impressed with the variety of ingredients stuffed inside the claypot too!!


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