Monday, December 05, 2005

Lok Lok

It’s been ages since I last ate Lok Lok. Last Saturday at the very last minute Wdy, CE and I drove down to Pulau Tikus to eat Lok Lok. Each of us only ate a few sticks as kae liao (加料) other than our main dish.

Whenever I asked them, “Ei, sek liao boey?”
They answered, “Sek liao” .
“Er…better sak ka ku lah hor?!” Then I would soak in again, waited a little bit longer. Ha!

1st thing - I was kia si lah, still haunted by the possibility / warning of introducing worms into my body.
2nd thing - we couldn’t help but kept watching out the “high cholesterol” food.

Our discussion went like this:
“Octopus oh, I already ‘mark’ it very long liao loh, but don’t dare to take nia.”
“Wahlau, how come all GREEN colour stick one (Green = most expensive one)? Only 1 to 2 plates with red or yellow colour one nia ah?”
“Wah, jiu hu ah! High cholesterol one loh. That siput also same.”.
“That plate is hae kor izzit?”
“Haha! Hae kor also you don’t know ah?!”
"You see? It shrinked until this small after cooked".
“Ai…all also high cholesterol one, seafood one, don’t know which one to choose?!”
“Aiyah, mai kuan a neh cheh lah, eat first lah.”
“Which is the one out of all these that got the highest cholesterol level uh?”
“Chiao nui!”
Mind you, that table still got another 3 ladies sitting together with us. Ha!

I guess the taukeh will sure ‘sapu’ us if he overheard this. *Grrrrrrrrr......*