Tuesday, December 27, 2005

懒人煮蛋法(Lazy Egg)

This is actually a 'lazy' method to prepare水煮蛋 (boiled eggs). I would like to share with you this tip I learnt from 生活智慧王 (“Good Idea” - Taiwan show thru TVB8) last week. We have tried it out and it works so damn well! Extremely simple! No sweat!

1) Place two pcs of tissue papers inside the rice cooker and sprinkle them with water (not too wet).
2) Put in the eggs.
3) Close the lid and press "Cook" button.
4) Wait till the button jumps up.
5) The eggs are ready.

By using this method you will never have to worry whether the eggs are over-cooked (hard-boiled) or under-cooked. The egg yolks will turn out just nice, not too dry. (This is provided that you did not forget and leave them too long inside the rice cooker after cooked lah ok).

You don’t have to kor hui (jaga api) or kor chui (jaga air).

You don’t have to do any washings nor cleanings.

The speed is faster than using ordinary boiling method. This is because the water sprinkled will turn into steam and compressed inside the rice cooker to cook the eggs.

You can peel the egg shells off very easily.