Friday, December 30, 2005

Cheng Tong

I started eating this '清汤' (cheng tong mee) since I was a kid, at Macalister Lane (near the Hai An Kopitiam). The curry / cheng tong mee (加喱/清汤面) was run by two aunties and one uncle. The cheng tong (清汤) actually used the same ingredients as curry mee but the soup was 'clear'. Clear soup = cheng tong. See?!

This stall was no longer there anymore due to the owners have passed away. I missed them. I missed the cheng tong mee. I still remember that the auntie always let me sitting inside the stall there to shelter from the hot sun or rain. Some customers thought that I was their granddaughter ha!

Right now whenever I saw any stalls with the name of '清汤', it reminded me of them.

At Sungai Ara Cafe 22 here there is this stall serving both the curry mee and '清汤' also. I eat the '清汤' pretty often. It may not be of same taste but it brought back my memory on that long lost '清汤' . :)

cheng tong at Cafe 22