Saturday, April 08, 2006


I am ramen-sick. OK, I finally can go trying out the ramen at Ideal Avenue, Bayan Point.

Ichyo Ramen Restaurant

Miso Ramen in big bowl (ala carte), appetizer Miso RamenHan-Chan Tonkotsu Ramen Set consists of the following dishes. *Aiyah, I regret leh ordering the set one coz the ramen was served in a very small bowl nia, mana cukup leh?! Anyway, this tonkotsu (排骨) soup is more yummy than the above one*Han-Chan Tonkotsu Ramen SetThis was prepared for the 小鬼头 to 'chian' one.Isshin chopsticks?! I was kee kwai to find the 'Isshin' chopsticks on the table. Before this, I assumed that this Ichyo is closely related to Soba Yoshi Restaurant at Krystal Point (same logo, recognizable faces inside) when I first got there to check the menu out. When I fedback to my ramen kaki, Cean, she sighed," Aiyah, like that must be kui siao also liao". Never did I expect the Isshin Restaurant at Autocity, Juru is theirs too. I finally checked from the lady at counter and she said these three are under the same taukeh. No wonder lah all at similar above-average price range one.


Frankly speaking, everytime after I tried out the ramen here and there, I missed the Chiku-Ho ramen at Midlands even more. (Too bad, close liao)