Saturday, April 29, 2006


Since Wdy suggested to meet at E-Gate, we chose to go to this Bequadro instead of the S* King or H* Kopitiam. The S*King could be deleted since its super fan (YY) was not attending tonight. For H*Kopitiam leh, it was a place which failed to let u have the urge to go for 2nd time. Cean said the food of Bequadro is OK when she last tried, then we mah OK loh.

E-Gate Bequadro Restaurant & Cafe

 Deco 01
 Deco 02
 Deco 03 #1 Spaghetti Marinara (seafood)
 Spaghetti Marinara#2 Fish Piccata
 Fish Piccata#3 Chicken Piccata
 Chicken PiccataI was very satisfied with my dish (#1). It was not too sweet (not just pure tomato paste) and the serving size was good enough so that it won't make me feel ji-lak when eating halfway or towards the end. The rest were also OK with their dishes. The only complain was the price. :)

I was soooooooo glad to know that this Old Town Kopitiam (旧街场咖啡馆)is opening soon at E-Gate. It will be located in between this Bequadro and the Starbucks. Hohohoho! What a good news~!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* It saves half the journey to travel to E-Gate instead of Megamall oi!

The Megamall's old town kopitiam is here.