Thursday, April 06, 2006

Buffet Lunch @ Traders Hotel

We had our farewell lunch for K @ The Islander, Traders Hotel, Penang (formerly known as Shangri-La Hotel, Penang). There were altogether ~ 48 persons of us in total 浩浩荡荡 going there. Phew~! This was the very first time we went that 'far' oh. Everyone was happy with the arrangement this time as they all said the food here is 'better' compared to EQ. In actual I guess the 新鲜感 played a big role as we all get bored going to EQ already mah. Morover here got the sushi corner lah, spaghetti and kue kak etc lah:) In another word, sin jamban ho pang sai. *oops, sorry*

Shangrila buffer lunch dishesOne last thing that made everyone even happier was - 'somebody' has foot the bill ! kakakaka! 一朝天子一朝臣. We appreciated that a lot! *wink wink*