Saturday, November 25, 2006

I-Avenue restaurants

This post is written simply for winning search purpose. :)

I-Avenue Restaurants (Ideal Avenue Restaurants) Penang

The latest:

(aa) Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (鹤屋日本料理)

(a) Eastern Wishes Cafe (Nanyang & Thai Cuisine) @ I-Avenue

Set Lunch RM8.90++

Eastern Wishes Cafe
With such price ah, I still prefer Nyonya Cafe lah.

(b) Eastern Station Restaurant (东方站) (烧味一哥) @ I-Avenue

(c) Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue

Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue (2nd visit)

Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue (set lunch RM8.99 nett)

(d) Automobile Cafe @ I- Avenue

(e) Ichyo Ramen @ I-Avenue

Ichyo Ramen @ I-Avenue (partial)

(f) Aji Nippon Jap Restaurant @ I-Avenue

Another jap restaurant is opening soon oh, same row as Nyonya.

Aiming for more restaurants too @ Queensbay soon. kakakakaka...:)