Monday, November 13, 2006

Audees Nite

Audees Cuisine . Wine . Jazz @ Burmah Road.

We tried out this Audees on Saturday night. Phew ~! We 7x managed to reserve a joined table finally without advance booking. *sweating* Sitting behind us was the Pensonic blah blah blah whom we no need to mention here lah har....hmm...including one of their chinese spokesmen aka the Mr.Postman.

So you can see lah from the pic below that sitting inside got aircond + live guitar music song loh *All of us enjoyed the songs lah. That singer got sa-sa voice, I like it!* whereas sitting 'outside' har (left bottom), a bit hot lah + no music loh. So you better do reservation if you are thinking of going k. (04-2298022)

That day set dinner was at RM68++. I 'sum see see' too but ended up none of us ordered. We opted for ala carte menu coz like that then only we can choose our own special desserts mah. :)

Clockwise : garlic bread, pumpkin soup, spaghetti marinara, honey roast duck spaghetti, lamb combo, grilled salmon. Aiks, I forgot to snap soft crab spaghetti leh(!).Audees
Ya lah, I was the one choosing marinara loh coz I missed the seafood marinara spaghetti with big juicy scallops back in Cafe 8 at SF one so much. Mana tau loh. Somemore I got to eat those shredded shells in my spaghetti tim! Next time no more ala carte liao, must go for set liao.
Oh ya, the lamb was heard to be good lah. The rest should be good too except the soft crab spaghetti kua.

Desserts : Warm apple cake, tiramisu, forgot-dunno-what . The desserts were all pretty good. Its tiramisu came with very strong wine taste inside oh. :) My apple cake was good but lacking 'special' surprise for me loh coz " come the taste was like the 'roti' dessert that I used to eat in canteen one ah?"! :p
Audees bamboo bench oh inside the toilet. So nice leh for ladies toilet. :)

After dinner, we went to upstair for jazz live band performance.

We were lucky that we got the 'exclusive' private corner reserved. Super soft cozy sofas that made you melting on it! Audees
We were lucky also lah for some of us were treated free for a few glasses of drinks by its taukeh including 'Hot Lovers' and the rest of I-dunno-what-it-called drinks. I guess those free drinks added up the amount should be more or less equivalent to what we ordered kua.
They were pretty fresh. Just came back from US. That's what I heard lah.