Wednesday, November 01, 2006

冬菇发法 (huat hiao kor)

All-year-long mushrooms ready made-to-eat!

A modified method from the HK NextMagazine双如谈食 written by 黄双如. Whatever Shuang Ru taught you one were all very high standard type, using all the super high class ingredients, all the super ho liao tools and super tedious methods. She is so par pai until she purposely opened a grocery shop at HK Zhong Wan which imports and sells only SUPER high class ingredients. So far of all the issues I read, I only found this one 'useful' to me. Back from 2001 one.:)

What she taught : Use the super high class mushrooms, Japan breed but grown in China.
What I did : China one. See pic below.

What she taught : Soak the mushrooms for 48 hours. Change water every day and night.
What I did : Soak for 24 hrs. Change water once / twice (up to you).

 huat hiao kor
After-24-hours look. Cut away the stems.
 huat hiao kor

What she taught : Use tai bai fen (太白粉) to rub clean the mushroom bodies.

What I did : No need.

 huat hiao kor
What she taught : Put into stainless steel pot, add in France made Rougie Goose Oil (鹅油) 1 tablespoon, add water 4-6 bowls (cover up the mushrooms as standard) and cook with low heat for 7-8 hours.

What I did : Put into slow cooker, add in mua eu (麻油) 1 tablespoon, add water 4-5 bowls (cover up the mushrooms as standrd), cook with high heat till boiled then change to low heat for 7-8 hours. I also put in the stems :)

 huat hiao kor
What she taught : Let the whole thing turn cool. Segregate and pack the mushrooms (together with the soup) into different small bags and store in the freezer compartment.

What I did : same.

 huat hiao kor
So this is how they look like after frozen.

 huat hiao kor
Therfore you can take out anytime, reheat or add any other flavours to fry and etc as and when you wish/need.