Friday, January 19, 2007


味之家小食馆 (Wei Zhi Jia Tasty Home Recipe), Persiaran Bayan Indah, Opposite Queensbay Mall (Starbucks).

Wei Zhi Jia 01

Set Lunch RM5.00++ (free soup) w/o drinks
Wei Zhi Jia 02
We 5x kaki , 4x ordered set lunch, 1x ordered ala carte black pepper udon.

clockwise : set lunch menu, hai te ia + milo drinks, mushroom pig leg claypot + rice, fried black pepper udon, soup, abalone soup chicken + rice, mui choy kao yuk + rice.
Wei Zhi Jia 03

Everyone was contented with his/her dish. Frankly speaking its serving size is more OK than those rice-kinda set lunch we had before at somewhere else. I was satisfied with my mushroom pig leg set too. Less than RM6.00 nia wor including tax, 抵到烂啦! Fried udon was good too.