Saturday, January 13, 2007

Penang Ding Tai Feng 上海鼎泰丰 (II)

Penang Shanghai's Ding Tai Feng (上海鼎泰丰) @ Queensbay (Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Bay. 04-6441644)

My first visit was back in Sept 06.

This time a lot of improvement has been seen. Most significant one is its serving speed. They have also added a new menu merely for Shanghai ramen lovers.

Porridge (粥) - 赞! 很精致!

上海小笼包 (Shanghai Juicy Meat Dumpling) - 赞!

Xiao Long Bao
生煎菜肉包 (Shanghai's Panfried Bun) - 我老妈喜欢也!
Jian Bao
煎猪肠粉 (Fried chee cheong fun) -特别!
Jian Zhu Chang Fen
汤圆姜茶 (sweet dumpling ginger tea) - 汤圆内含花生馅.虽然我不大爱吃花生, 但这汤圆姜茶-我爱! 赞!
Tang Yuan Jiang Cha
鱼丸拉面 (Fish Ball ramen)
Yu Wan La Mian

云吞拉面 (Wan than ramen)
Yun Tun La Mian
榨菜拉面 (zha chai dried ramen)
Zha Cai La Mian

All the ramen soup (拉面汤头) is yummy good.

There is one couple sitting behind us who ordered one dried ramen, one soup ramen and shaky drinks. The lady left half plate of her ramen uneaten. The guy left the shake half cup untouched. Well, just a reminder to those who haven't tasted shang hai dishes before lah. Come here to look for 道地上海吃 (shanghai local cuisine), 清淡 (not strongly flavoured),and most importantly is 原汁原味 (original taste) and 精致 (delicate). If you are someone who can't eat without chillis, ketchup, cabai burung; look for rendang, kuah, fried dishes; then perhaps you won't taste the beauty of such shanghai delicacies. :)

p/s: Listening now is the Soler 's Mo Sheng Ren (陌生人) non-stop now. :p Haha!

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