Sunday, February 25, 2007

Food Loft **shake head**

Food Loft @ GP

Look carefully the price.

Clockwise : RM1 reward vouchers, spaghetti marinara (RM17.90++), lin chee kang (RM4.90++), teppanyaki tori (RM17.90++), ice lemon tea (RM3.90++), magherita pizza (RM6.90++). Tax charges 10%.

Foodloft OK, how come I ended up at this Food Loft.

My colleague Mr.L gave me 5x vouchers before CNY.
"Ah har! Finally I got the 'reason' to go and try Food Loft out."
We came here Che 3 not open yet. We returned on Che 8.
We really took our long sweet time to order.
Wdy kept on telling me," this one heard not nice...hmm....this one also not that nice".
After having that spaghetti marinara, my face turned sulky.
"Cha bor said very good one?! you that day very hungry is it?! "
"That day when I came and ate ah, very nice lah, how come today not nice one....this pizza also not nice....I prefer Little Italy that day one better. Er...that day ya lah, indeed I was very hungry coz we waited very long for our blah blah blah to arrive...." Ha! see!
" ah! " *shake head, mou ngan tai*
Then we turned and observed what the tables surrounding us ordered.
"Oi, see lah. Ppl ordered Jap set wor...ate until finish leh."
W came later and ordered Teppanyaki.
We looked at it," Hmm...ok lah." *not very enticing also*

After having taken the photographs then only we remember that our mission here today is to clear the vouchers.
"Aiyah! We forgot to give the vouchers wor!"
"Miss ah, we forgot to submit this vouchers wor when our friend paid just now, just now busy posing for photographs lah."
"Eer...never mind one..after expiry date also can use one."
"Har?! really?! Can you extend for us or not?! " *don't feel secure with such verbal promise leh*
She called for her boss. nice of her. :)
That boss just signed on top of the vouchers and gave back to us.
"Huh?! " We looked up at him. "Like that can already ah? Sure ah?!"
He smiled," They see my name on it they know odi one."
"Oh...OK OK OK...thank you very much ah!"

So now we ended up got 10x vouchers. Shall I return?! Eeeeerrrrrrrrrrr......not very keen leh.

We later on ended up at Sin Sei Kai food court for cendol after settling all the e-transaction thingy at cyber cafe.