Sunday, February 25, 2007

Halo Cafe *warning*

"Halo Cafe food not so nice one leh, expensive also."

I was told about this after I have booked the table @ Halo Queensbay for gathering (as suggested by gang during Che 3 night). What I'm gonna do uh?! Booked already leh. Wanna change place somemore ah? mai kao ngor. :)

YC + hubby+ kid, Lea, WM, EP, CL and I attended. Lil + Jer came and joined us at the very last 30 min.

halo cafe
Well, it's true leh the statement above. Let's hear the feedbacks from them.

"The music how come so loud uh? Pecah one...."

"The fish and chip how come so lembik, lyuun pat pat one."

Fried rice - no comment lah. Tak lalu makan.

halo cafe dishes
We ended up moving to outside to sit. Peace for our ears.

I guess to have eat/drinks here + listening to the ming ge music is fine, but definitely not purposely aiming for its dishes kua.

The next day I told my friend about it. She said, "They told me Juru there one not nice too."

I guess no matter where it is lah OK, the 'rules' do apply. :)