Wednesday, December 26, 2007

香港汤圆 HK tang yuan @ Perak Road

It's been a long long... time that I kept wondering where could I get those 'tang yuan' that we used to eat at restaurants like Wong Kok HK noodles house, Beijing /Shanghai xxx or sort of. I didn't want to purposely go into a shopping mall just to have a bowl of tang yuan lah. It will be great if I could get it at somewhere more down-to-earth, or in another word - roadside. *wink*

Now....finally I got it! I read the articles on 21st Dec (Guang Ming) and came to know about this HK tang yuan is now available at Aik Hwa (益华茶室) @ Perak Road.

NOW is RM2 per bowl. Every bowl got two big ones (one stuffed with zi1 ma2 (芝麻), one stuffed with peanut (花生), two small plain one and pek kuey.

姜汤 (What a NICE pic uh?! Hahahaha! So puas! :)



Time : 6.30-10.30p.m. (off Mon)
Location: It is located just opposite the market. You know....the coffee shop that offered the best stingray fish (!) for econonic rice during lunch hour.