Monday, December 24, 2007

Mizi bistro @ New World Park

Mizi @ New World Park (pics from phone's camera)

We 7x went on last Tue night (straight after work). We couldn't afford to postpone another week again, (in fact couldn't wait any longer already) as the email forwarded by the ipoh-mari guy was so tempting. Each of us ordered the set RM16.90++. The set came with drink, soup (I ordered oxtail, the rest ordered the signature mushroom soup), main course and free flow of ice cream.

Yah, from the pic above, you should know well that the marinara seafood spaghetti was mine!

One piece of advice : Don't cho gao gao go and order anything not stated in the menu har! :) Ya, poor guy who ordered the cordon bleu chicken.

Average rating from the group : B (a bit disappointed lah us)