Monday, December 24, 2007

KL trip 01 - Ngao Kei (牛记)

Ngao Kei (牛记) @ Tong Shin (behing Jalan Alor)

One of the lucky things during this short Bkt Tinggi -KL trip was this.

We accidentally bumped into this stall for supper. (Hey, reaching there almost leh, surely hungy lah, hai mai sin?! :) )

The chilli putting in a clay pot like this, ko-cha-bi feel heh?!

The ngao-yuk balls (beef) - yummy-licious! The soup also got very strong beef taste one leh.

The noodles sooooo halus.

The chyuu-yok balls (pork). For me, I personally felt that this one was not as good as the beef one lah.

It was later then only I found out from L*na that this Ngao Kei was actually a famous stall leh :) . See? we were lucky lah!