Friday, May 16, 2008

Dave's Deli @ Queensbay

We 8x went to Dave's Deli to have our Friday's lunch.

Lemon tea RM2.70+

We ordered 8x and they could only afford to give us 4x with drumstick.

Quarter chicken RM12.80 + . (The 3x lucky one got drumstick like this loh)

Quarter chicken Rm12.80 + (4x got this w/o drumstick, see lah so 'tak lalu' hor?! Ei, can we ask for discount or not?!)

Half chicken RM17.00 + (wah..... stomach so big heh?!)

We ordered 1x quarter chicken to tao pao back for our colleague at the same time when we placed our dine-in orders. When we were 1/3 having our meal, we asked whether the ta pao was ready?! The waiter said we got to go to the cashier counter to take. Then we went there, they said not yet ready. Later on when we were about to finish eating, we asked again. This time he told us that they have given the chicken to a dine-in customer and asked whether we could wait for another half an hour?!

Phew!! If we give you half an hour, can you give us some cash back or not leh?! Pls tell me, this kind of service deserves %$#%&^! or not?!