Sunday, May 04, 2008

Original 'kappa' taste

This is a follow-up blog from this kappa trip on 3rd of May.

I decided to follow the cooking method recommended by that 'father and 3 sons' group, using the simplest method to taste the original taste of kappa.

Directly 'bake' it! on a broken tile.

See how juicy it is?!

Without any additional sauces, they tasted fresh & sweet!!

I brought home the small blue pail (refer to the 3rd pic) and it was really TOO MUCH lah for our consumption. Other than the method above, we cooked them with mee and prepared one whole pot of kappa soup too.

We also cooked them in a wok and plucked out the 'meat' for cold storage.

We kept this pot for cold storage, can use them later for cooking vege dishes.