Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dome Cafe

Dome Cafe @ Queensbay

We got a RM50 voucher from redemption.

Fresh muffin RM6.00++ (good! but looking at the price leh......chiak kim ah?!)

Spicy chicken mushroom pasta RM20.50++ (我覺得這個義大利面煮得不三不四. 辣? 又不辣. 加lemak? 又沒有lemak的香味. 總之,沒味道可言.)

Nasi lemak chicken rendang RM19.00 ++ (寧願花RM10.00 去外頭買加料nasi lemak肯定好吃過這個)

Seriously, I don't favour this restaurant. If the food is good then I am OK with the price. But it's not leh.....