Monday, June 16, 2008

Almond allergic(?!) @ R Chopstick

Declaration : I have never had any allergies towards almond or mantis shrimp before this.

Last Friday J belanja us lunch due to her 'promotion'. I ordered a sweet & sour mantis shrimp rice set & a bowl of almond with red bean glutinous ball.

Firstly the serving was too damn slow. It was Friday, ok? Factory ppl tend to come out to eat. If you couldn't cope with Friday crowd, better close down lah. Assign more chefs or more waitresses /waiters lah for Friday alone, can boh? If you can't cope with your super variety menu, then why not you size down your choices leh so that you don't have to do until kelam-kabut?!

Secondly there was one waiter who couldn't answer you anything at all one when you asked him even a very simple question. He would just signaled at you asking you to wait without speaking. We overheard another table 'fat lan zhar' also at him," Just now when we asked you, you say got egg. Now how come no one?! I don't care, you go to the kitchen and cook for me two eggs!" Wah! The girl meletup already! Haha!

It was already over 1.15p.m. that time when our dishes came. I did not expect the almond tong shui to come like the Kimberley Street or New Lane one lah, k? but it came like the glue that we cooked ourselves for our 圖工課 at primary school! Super duper thick one like eating chawan mushi. I just finished it up without realizing the risk of almond poisoning.

When I was back to office, I went to toilet straightaway. When I came out from the toilet, then only I realized that my face was redden. My forehead, my nose, and my mouth surrounding all was 'red'! It was not itchy but the mouth surrouding became slightly numb.

It was later then only we analyzed and believed that the culprit was the thick almond. The redness subsided after I drank a lot of water.

Now you need to know which restaurant is this.

It is R* Chopstick @ I-Avenue.