Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pantai Keracut Team Building meal

Breakfast was teruk - a Gardenia cream bun only + 1x bottle mineral water.

I who ate porridge before leaving home, sapu the Gardenia cream bun at Taman Rimba also got hungry and need to sapu my self-prepared roti along the trekking journey.

Pity those who didn't have their breakfasts, surely they all were starving.

Luckily the lunch was yummy-licious! See how sumptuous it was?! It was nearly 2p.m - very late lunch though.

Having lunch. Under the tree shade. On the mat. At the beach. Wah...

The fishes & prawns were all freshly barbecued at the time we ate.

Snack during turtle program.

The trip story is here @ Pantai Kerachut Hike & Team Building.