Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cargas Cafe

Restoran Cargas Cafe @ 978, Main Road, Bayan Lepas

The iao lur gang was addicted to this malay taste wor. I followed them.

One can easily detect the long queue from the opposite of road. Don't worry, the rice serving & cashier speed are fast. One big 'plus' - it's kinda cooling sitting inside the restaurant, more comfy that expected.

I met a few techs there, asking them," Apa yang best?" "Ayam goreng dia lah!"

I took a photo on K's dish as he is the only one with presentable food deco. Ha! :) The price range is reasonable, rice + 3x to 4x sam pui (including ayam goreng) + drink = RM6.00-RM7.50.

Yes, it's good. I like it!