Tuesday, November 11, 2008

清潤響螺湯 (Conches Soup)

Out of a sudden TaiLou brought back these conches. The first question flushed into our mind was, "Holy shit, how to cook leh?"

This is the first time cooking conches, somemore it's such a giant size one!

Can you see how big the giant size one is (!) ?

1大3小 (1x big, 3x small) = Total RM8.00

Bring to boil for about 45 mins or longer until the meat can be separated from the shells.

This is the look of them after removal from shells and also cleansing of internal organs & etc.

We decided to use 1x big and 1x small to cook soup.

Long hours of cooking is needed. This one has taken easily 4 hours in slowcooker under HIGH power.

When we called up aunties/uncles for recipes, most of them suggested to fry in thin slices with ginger & etc and then dip with soya sauce or whatever. They all said it will be like eating abalone.

I have heard that lots of Hongkies like to use conches to cook soup and I have been ages wondering how it tastes like. Why do they like to eat conches soup? I quickly went and flipped through the soup recipe book I bought. Yahoo! Got leh the recipe!

Now I've finally got the chance to taste it! It indeed tasted like abalone! Oh mine.......the soup is very nourishing, sweet and rich.

材料 : 響螺, 淮山 (RM2) ,枸杞 (隨意), 豬尾龍骨 (RM4),雞骨 (RM2),鹽 (少許).

Ingredients : Conches, Huai Shan (RM2), Lycium chinense Miller (some), pig bones (RM4), chicken bones (RM2), salt (taste with seasoning).

1) 新鮮響螺用滾水泡浸汆燙,約半小時至45分鐘, 使內質堅實. 納涼后, 取肉去殼.
(Fresh conches bring to boil for ~30-45mins, let cool then remove the meat from shells)
2) 將尾龍骨,雞骨, 淮山,枸杞, 響螺肉, 用slow cooker續煲大火2-4小時.
(Add in pig bones, chicken bones, Huai Shan and Lycium chinense Miller. Cook in slow cooker under high power for 2-4 hours)
3) 可呈加料理酒. (You may add in cooking wine during serving)

This book is useful in such an emergency case! :)