Friday, November 07, 2008

Seasons Butter Kailan RM16.50!

I mentioned before the set lunch here. This round I wanna tell a story coz got someone very keh gao.

Each of us ordered the pretty same choices of set lunch like last time. After all, it's the same 5x fellows mah. Their set lunch is really good and worthy, in fact better than many of those nearby-FIZ restaurants that offer set lunch at similar price or higher.
KV said," I wan2 order a dish of chai, boh chai (no vege) cannot lah."

"OK! order lah! "

Without looking at the menu, KV waved at the waiter asking him to recommend. The waiter then recommended this jiao pai vege dish - Butter Kailan.

Everybody tried and rated good.

"Hmm......good hor?! Very special hor?!"

"Hey, we must learn how to cook like this also lah!"

So on and so forth......

When the bill came, the vege dish alone costs RM16.50!

Muahhahahahaha! We all laughed until peng! :p