Saturday, November 15, 2008

Miss Saigon Vietnamese Street Food

Vietnamese Street Food @ Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine, E-Gate.

A bunch of us were invited for a food review today at Miss Saigon on its newly launched menu - Vietnamese Street Food.

Interior deco with yellowish lighting. Not ideal for foodshooting but good for my mood. :)

Whenever I think of Vietnamese food, I think of beef. I believe any dishes that come with beef must be at least 'secured'. :) Anyway, don't worry if you don't consume beef since chicken is also available as an alternative.

Summer Rolls (RM5.80 - RM10.80)
Top row (left to right) : Traditional Northern Rolls, Traditional Southern Rolls, Farmer's Egg Rolls.
Bottom row (left to right): - Fresh Vege Rolls, Classic Hor Fun Rolls (beef) & (chicken).
Out of all the rolls, Classic Hor Fun Rolls with beef is the one I liked the most.

Clockwise from top left : Mini Prawn Paste on Sugarcane (RM10.80), Crispy Hanoi Rolls (RM8.80), Crispy Gourmet Seafood Rolls (RM9.80), somebody was having "wrapping rolls" hands-on practice. Guess who?! This guy's fingers seemed to be as delicate as ladies one, oh mine.... :p

Exotic Side :
Left to right
1st row : Cinnamon Beef Chunks La-lot (RM11.80), Grilled Chicken T-shaped Wings (RM9.80)
2nd row : Wok fried flower chicken (RM14.80), Wok-fried flower beef (RM14.80)
3rd row : Spiced Grilled Eel Cake (RM12.80), Villagers Grilled Snail Cake (RM12.80)
4th row : Street-style Salty Soft Shell Crab (RM13.80), Royal Seafood Skewer (RM10.80)

Salads (RM6.80-RM9.80)
They offered Sour Green Mango Salad, Miss Saigon Salad (with pineapples inside) -which is also their signature salad dish, Cold Glass Noodle Salad, Crunchy Papaya Salad, Jellyfish Salad.
Frankly speaking, they tasted almost the same as we were having so many dishes at one go lah! BUT.... I liked the one with mango and pineapple more as they were more appetizing.

Rice Noodles (RM12.80 -RM14.80)
They offered Traditional Southern Beef Bun (RM14.80), Traditional Southern Chicken Bun (RM12.80), Crunchy Eel Glass Noodle Soup (RM13.80), Traditional Vietnamese Chicken Pho (RM12.80), Traditional Vietnamese Beef Pho (RM14.80) . All come with clear broth.

Center : Villagers Snail Noodle Soup (RM13.80) - Stir fried sea snail & green banana served with thick broth of Laksa noodle soup. I liked this the most as it's kind of a special combination to me. With the almost same pricing range, I'll rather go for snail. :)

Vietnamese Sandwitches
Left to right : Vietnamese Street Baguette (chicken/beef) (RM9.80),
Frog Curry with Garlic Spiced Baguette (RM10.80)

Alright, this is the Royal Seafood Skewer (RM10.80) - it comes with freshly grilled salmon, green paper, mushroom in BBQ sauce.

Overall the street food was pretty OK and some of the dishes (wordings in pink above) really intrigued my taste buds. I came with doubt due to the bad impression that we had on its early opening days when the service was claimed to be slow and the kitchen was claimed also not performing to its best. Thanks to the boss for giving us the chance to try out the new menu and also clear my doubt on its food quality!
I strongly believe that this street food of Miss Saigon will attract more customers if the serving portion can be larger with current set price. Hiak hiak! *wink wink*

Other attendees are :
PenangTuaPuis from PenangTuaPui
CK from What2seeOnline
Gill & Jason from Gourmet Garden
Lingzie from Lingzie's Tummy Treats
Steven Goh from Steven Goh
Criz from Criz Bon Appetite & gang
Allen from Yummy Station
Allie from Havenly Allie
Nicholas Chan from Shiok Or Not