Monday, December 22, 2008

Cuisine Bou 料理坊

uisine Bou 料理坊
This round I had a very enjoyable dinner at Cuisine Bou. Unlike last visit , this time I believe it's the correct dish choices that erased our ambiguity on its food quality. Morover we were well-entertained by a specky junior waiter who is very cute. Ha!
No more ramen this time!
We opted for Sashimi and Unagi!
Sashimi (Ume) 刺身(梅)
Mixed Raw Sashimi (RM35) - Five different types of sashimi freshly served aka sake (salmon), akami (tuna), siro maguro (white tuna), tako (octopus) and sime saba (mackerel).

Butter Fish (also known as white Tuna) - This was the most impressive out of all. It's creamy and dissolved in your mouth. Wow! Heavenly good! 简直是人间极品! 


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