Monday, December 01, 2008


I assume that duplicate 'tags' never mind one lah hor?! :)

I was tagged by What2seeOnline (on 11.Nov.08) and Lingzie (30.11.08) on Seven Facts About Myself or Seven Random Things About Myself.

1. I started blogging since Aug 05, inspired by Lettie's blog. I re-grouped all my food postings under Cariso Delicacies Corner only after some time, that's when I realized food has monopolized my blog(!). :)

2. I have great passion in cycling until today. I used to go mountainbiking. No longer mtb though. Now I am riding 'a pek' bicycle. One day if you come across a siao cha bor riding an a pek bicycle with a mtb helmet and handgloves, that's possibly me(!) :)

3. I hardly gain weight, in hokkien "chi liao bee". That's also one of the reasons for me to keep on eating - to 'gain weight' mah.

4. I enjoy dining with people who also enjoy and willing to spend for eating.

5. I seldom eat oily or fatty food and my cholesterol level is within spec. *kia si*

6. I started to gain more interest in food photoshooting after attending the 1st flogger's gathering.

7. I wish that the "flying-to-eat" kind of flogger gathering can be realized. *poe pi poe pi*

I would like to tag the following friends for the same topic.

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Poe pi poe pi....Hopefully no more tagging to me ah! :p