Sunday, December 07, 2008

中國民間瓦缸煨湯 (II) -人參花旗參雞湯

I brought YY to drink soup @ 中國民間瓦缸煨湯. She beh tahan after reading the PenangTuaPui's post that people forwarded to her loh. :)

I saw a new soup in their menu! It's 茶树菇巴西蘑菇排骨鸡汤 (tea tree mushroom, brazil mushroom, pai kwat, chicken soup) (RM20). Hmm... what a great news for a mushroom lover like me! but...keep for next time lah!

We opted for 人參花旗參雞湯 Yan Sum Fa Khei Sum Kai Tong (RM20 as of Sep 09) to reboost energy since both of us were still recuperating.

A claypot like this for two of us were in fact too much. Should we come in three persons then the portion will be just nice.


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