Friday, January 16, 2009

Lor mee @ Lam Hwa Kopitiam

Lor mee @ Lam Hwa Kopitiam

I don't wanna mention the lor mee at the cross junction of kimberley street & Carnavon street. This is the one located at the first kopitiam @ Carnavon Street.

The lor mee is unlike the usual lor mee with dark colour gravy and comes with typical hokkien mee ingredients. This one is lighter in colour and it's to be served with vinegar. Yup! It makes me feel like eating shark fin soup. Ha! Ingredients got fish slices, fish cakes and oops...I forgot.

The same kopitiam also selling pei par duck. Of coz this is another satisfactory dish. :)

Hop to Lor mee @ Lam Hwa Kopitiam for full view of this post.