Friday, January 23, 2009

收工宴 @ Starview Restaurant

收工宴 @ Starview Restaurant (仙景楼饭店)

This is the first time I visited Starview at this new location @ New World Park. We, a gang of 4 tables all went based on "A-A basis".

Good Luck 'Yu Sang' (鸿运捞鱼生) - Personally I think this is better than the Goh Teo Kee Sg Ara one.

2x Jugs of Fresh Orange Squash for us the ladies' tables. The gentlemen's tables were served with red wine.

Four Seasons (特色四季盘) - This four seasons dish is very good! Four types of dishes with distinctive flavour each.

Seafood Shark's Fin Soap with Dried Scallops (干贝海味翅) - I personally prefer this one to the one at Goh Teow Kee Sg Ara.


Hop to 收工宴 @ Starview Restaurant for full view of this post.