Monday, April 19, 2010

Farewell Meal No. 1 : Jade Blossom

Jade Blossom @ Krystal Point

This meal was treated by 蕭先生. Total 5 of us, the other 4 'poon tiuk'. :)

They asked me to zha fit. Inside my brain, "Hohoho!! Cham liao them, I will order all CHENG CHENG TEI, VEGE and SOUP dishes!"

Soup of the day (Lao ti mun soup). One serving each.

Braised Beancurd. Homey cook.

Steamed Ang Sai (with sugar cane & black fungus)

I found that this sugar cane + black fungus combination is kinda special thus I ordered it. Hmm..not bad leh!

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